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Custom Deluge Hardware - XL with bigger (64 x 8) pad matrix


I like to make psychedelic trance on my deluge and in doing that I find the most cumbersom part of creating meoldies is the zooming in and out to make tiny note adjustment and arrangements

in ableton on the standard sized 64 x 16 piano grid it is quite easy to nail something down in a fraction of a time compared to doing zoomies on the deluge

in so im finding myself using ableton with the ableton dal connector to make the grooves in a pc and send them to the deluge, instead of just deluge'ing my socks off

for ease of use it would be nice if i could link 4 deluges in series together to work on a grid that's more suited to my small 64th scale zoomed in long note sequences

hardware suggestion ?
hey hey synthstrom ? can you build me a custom 64x8 deluge plz plz? - will love you long time!
( 4 more gate outputs & 6 more CV outs would be nice too ) :wink: !

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