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Different saturation


Would be nice to see a saturation w/o cutting the low end.


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    fenixsongfenixsong United StatesBeta Tester Posts: 45

    ...and a bunch of different character adding saturations. not looking for distortion so much as different tonal character 'circuits'

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    luis_costaluis_costa PortugalBeta Tester Posts: 28

    And a linear mix control, currently the jump is huge between 0 and 3/4 and after that it's pretty much all the same.

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    arxarx Posts: 6

    I believe that with every change, we should strive for maximum backwards compatibility possible - only then there's a chance the community changes will get merged into official or even more popular community firmware builds. So I'm afraid the current saturation settings have to be preserved as they are, since someone's live set might depend on those settings.

    The changes also shouldn't be counter-intuitive. For example: current saturation setting goes from 0 to 10 (IIRC). We could add new type of saturation in the ranges of 10-20, but for someone who doesn't know about the history of the change, that would be confusing.

    So the option I see is to add the ability to switch the saturation mode completely - from current (default) to other modes.The question is: how? Through menu diving, or by adding a shortcut? There's limited space for new shortcuts. Or by pressing shift+saturation again? That would be a new mechanic altogether, but might work for other features in the future.

    Any ideas?

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    djAziddjAzid AmsterdamPosts: 199

    We already have earliestCompatibleFirmware, currently at 4.1.0. alpha, so w/ every update backwards compatibility is gonna get lower anyway. ie, you can't use it in version 3 anymore.

    Would be nice if saturation (and bitcrush/decimation) settings could increase/decrease by 0.1, then there is no need for a saturation > 10.

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