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CV/gate sequencing glitch


Hi all, haven't been able to find anyone else experiencing this issue.

I'm sequencing a Roland SH-101 and SH-2 and have noticed that when muting/launching clips in a song the CV sequencing will glitch at the start of the bar when clips are muted/launched. The glitch sounds like a quick pitch ascent or descent (quickly sliding to the actual sequenced CV pitch) - or like the the gate sequence is slightly ahead of the CV sequence, so the step plays before the pitch is correct.

This only happens for the first step of a sequence, immediately when another clip is muted/launched.
All other sequenced notes play fine. And if no other clips are muted or launched then the sequence plays fine.

Is this a known issue or has anyone else experienced it? Or can replicate it?

I'll record a demo tomorrow if no one knows what this issue is!

Cheers :smile:

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