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Slicing Time-stretched Sample

EvilpilliEvilpilli NorwayPosts: 14

An important part of how I make music is using drum loops, and then recording bass, synths etc over that, and adding some other percussive elements.
And I love the stretch mode on the deluge. However! I was wondering if there is a way to time stretch a drum loop to make it, say fit in time with four bars of a project (that is in a different tempo than the original sample) and then still slice that stretched sample to create variations and within that sample?
Currently I'm either resampling the stretched drum loop. Or slicing it, and then individually setting each slice to stretch mode. Is there a more simple version?
Also! Is there a way to only resample the internal audio of the Deluge? Ill often have instruments plugged inn, and a dummy track for monitoring. But when I want to resample, noise from the incoming audio gets in the way. Can I set resample to only resample internal audio of the deluge?
Last question, hehe. Is there a good way to resample directly into a kit audition pad? The same way you would sample into it?
Thanks for potential answers!

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