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Deluge Clip launch mode?

BolganiBolgani SuomiPosts: 57

You know what would be awesome? If Deluge had a clip launch mode! Wouldn't even be that difficult to arrange, perhaps?
Why? Because you can launch sections and clips in song view but sometimes when there are many clips the view can become a bit unmanagemable


You enter it by pressing SHIFT-SONG. All the sections would be visible on the left and all the different instruments (clips/kits/midichannels) would be arranged in columns (like the rows in arranger mode) with pad lighted in same color, if the instrument has a clip for that section.

Then you could launch a whole section by clicking the section buttons or individual clips by clicking the button. The playing clips would be lighted brighter and they would blink when waiting to arm.

The top row would be a instrument selection button. Holding it down would enable the top encoders for the currently playing instrument clip (like in song view when pressing the row). Maybe even pressing SHIFT at the same time or some other finger acrobatics the changes would apply to all clips for that instrument.

Copying, creating and deleting clips would work like in song view but you could probably copy a clip to the same column (with the same instrument) Or maybe not, this would be a way to easily duplicate clips to different instruments.

Maybe even the new display could be utilized for this somehow. Like bars left before clip change or something like that

Just basically your very simple clip view but it would simplify playing live tremendously.


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    rezareza los angelesBeta Tester Posts: 380

    i agree that this would help clean up the SONG view mode for live performance, i wonder if it could still work horizontally like the orientation found in SONG view, ala the Polyend Play.

    based on your example, i think it would make more sense if each column had different section colors, rather than the same ones all the way done though, right?

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    AlterAlter TokyoPosts: 75


    A folding clip feature would also be nice. This view is similar to the variation view of Polyend Play.

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    DAlhaiDAlhai SchweizPosts: 1

    This would be fantastic.

    I can't help but think that the information displayed in the clip lanes in song mode quickly becomes irrelevant and makes it very hard to perform dynamically. While building the set, it's good to have a representation of the clip contents in the lanes (sometimes), but when performing and especially when having many copies of clips with minor changes, things get chaotic.

    A clip launcher mode like that would be amazing for live performances.

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    chrisrolandchrisroland United StatesPosts: 10

    although i will be picking up Deluge for the Arranger mode, if I'm understanding how Clips in Song mode work before I start placing them on the Arranger roll . . . new Clips just keep adding rows downward on the grid for each next one that is created? i know they can be color-coded to some extent and re-sorted on the fly but I'm imagining having 16 clips (patterns) for 16 MIDI channels = 256 unique clip rows?! obviously that's an extreme hypothetical because a bass track may only have four or five total variations etc. but it seems like any full use of all 16 MIDI tracks for external devices plus how ever may internal synth/sample tracks i might want to add on top of those will make it kind of a nightmare to keep track of all the individual clips when it comes time for Arranger mode.

    (the first suggested diagram is indeed how Hapax orders its patterns per track, which would make arranging more efficient if it had an actual arranger view. but also you're limited to seven patterns effectively if you want to place them in sections for song mode, which is another reason i'm switching to Deluge. but now feeling anxious about overwhelm if all clips are essentially collected in one big clip pool on the Song page)

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    DucktailDucktail Posts: 4

    I agree this would be an awesome change! Being able to see clip length is nice but overall I’d way rather have a simplified view of which clips belong to which instruments.

    The folded view that Alter suggested is probably the best option since it also has the instruments match arranger view.

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