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Sequencing a TR-8S - Overlaps on KIT and Pattern Channel?

LightyearLightyear GermanyPosts: 28

Hi guys,

Maybe I'm at the wrong station here. But who knows.. Let's try.
I'm starting to sequence my device with the Deluge. As the title says, the Roland TR-8S as well.
My question will be at the lower end of the wall of text.
And yes, I'm going to try it out this evening. But maybe somebody already has an answer tomy question. ;-)

I took a look ate the MIDI Implementation Chart:

An thought of some ways to re-sort the instruments:

This way, it feels more convenient to Sequence them (like MIDI-10 [KD,SD,RS,HC], MIDI-10A[TOMS], MIDI-10B[CYMBALS]) and they're not all over the panels

Now, let's say, take the instrument sorting "Custom #1".
I.e.: The value of the BD and the LT-Level are both at 48 now.
Or SD and MT-Decay are both 50 and so on. You'll probably get the idea.

I came across another thread from Bolgani (Here's the link) within the forum, where he mentioned some overlaps between the KIT-Midi-Channel and the PATTERN-Midi-Channel.
I set my ProgramChange to "off", because I don't want/ need to use it right now.

Finally, here's the question:
Would these values affect each other somehow.
I can not imagine, since one's just the trigger and the other ist a modulation. But I'm not quite sure about this and got a little precarious due to the mentioned thread.
Like mentioned in the beginning. I'll try this out myself and report, later on.

Thanks in advance for your advice!

Kind regards,



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    LightyearLightyear GermanyPosts: 28


    here's the original MIDI Implementation Chart by Roland:

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    LightyearLightyear GermanyPosts: 28

    Here's Report.

    • PGM RX on TR-8S is active.
    • But I did not encounter any issues for now. Will test it out a little more.
    • Not using the PGM Change in the MIDI-Settings (on Deluge) right now. But zapping through the programs actually was kinda fun. Felt like an old radio.

    Here's the Note-Setup I worked with:

    If you want it aligned with the colours on the TR-8S, you've got to flip the notes for the Toms/Kongas and BD/SD/RS/HC, since the darker colours are above.

    So far, so good.

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    BolganiBolgani SuomiPosts: 61

    Yeah nice!

    Like I said in my post I use kit and midi rows because some problems I had when changing from midi clip to kit and back because I want also to be able to run my stuff standalone when needed.

    Oh, I also like running the kit clip with midi rows with two separate midi clips (10 + 10A, I have the same channel :) ) set to TR-8S's channel with different programs selected. That way I can play my beat and use midi clips to change the kit setting in TR-8S on the fly.

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    BolganiBolgani SuomiPosts: 61
    edited February 2023

    And about the channels:

    According to TR-8S manual:

    • Pattern Ch 1–16: Specifies the MIDI transmit/receive channel of the pattern sequencer.
    • Kit Ch 1–16: Specifies the MIDI transmit/receive channel for program change messages that switch kits.

    What this doesn't really specifically say is that if you send a program channel message in pattern channel it changes the pattern and you send it in kit channel it changes the kit but keeps the pattern the same. It's logical, I suppose, but took me a while to figure this out. If the channels are the same then both pattern and kit change and since they don't have the same number the results are unexpected and not really what you want.

    And also since in TR-8S only shows the pattern name in the display (unless you press the Kit-button) this can get confusing.

    And the CC-messages travel on the pattern channel so you need that anyway.

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