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Tested midi sync stability

amiga909amiga909 Central EuropePosts: 1,078
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Just want to share a test I did to evaluate sync stability or "tightness" for live usage.
Got a very good impression, hope Deluge gets added here, I suspect Deluge would look very good.

Did this test with every hardware sequencer I got:
Slave sync is the tough part. Usually master sync is not a problem. So I set up an external hardware sequencer (Cirklon) to slave Deluge. Both seqs play a 808 kick pattern (so I get 2 sounds). If the sync is tight it sounds like one kick drum with a flanger effect. Drifts are audible very quickly. Now, the hard part for sequencers seems to be to ensure perfect slave sync in any situation (busy cpu, io, fast tempo, ..), most of my hardware sequencers cant provide stable slave sync all the time (old Akais and Cirklon do). For example Analog Rytm is likely to drift if I change patterns quickly.
Did not notice any sync problem, very cool! Tested with switching sections, loading songs, etc. Likely there are situations where Deluge would loose sync, maybe if you slice a large sample .. However, stoked about the result!

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