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Deluge updates, randomisation feature

troxxtroxx ukPosts: 7
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I recently had a Deluge, which I sold as I wanted the new Oled screen, so busy saving up for that, in the meantime, I read there are some updates coming this year, just wondering if anyone had any idea what some of them might be? I wasn't too impressed with the reverb on the Deluge, so hoping they improve this, make it a bit more luscious and less metallic sounding.

I currently also have a Polyend Play and think it would be awesome if Synthstrom borrowed some of the randomisation and track play mode features and implemented them into the Deluge, The Polyend Play is just a sample player and is missing a synth and proper sampler, if the Deluge had the sample randomisation features of the Play it would be on another level again!

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