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Multi-platform GUI-less polyphonic MIDI arp plugin/app

YwenYwen Paris, FrancePosts: 21
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Hello :) Here is an open-source "new take on arpeggiation" plugin I'm developping, with a hybrid hardware sequencer/computer workflow in mind: . It's a MIDI-effect only plugin.

It's also packaged as a standalone application so you can remain dawless :) (just not "computer-less"). For Deluge users that would be the fastest way to set it up.

The gist is: you can express both your chord progressions AND your arp patterns (how the notes of the chord are to be arpeggiated/strummed/voiced etc) on your hardware sequencer, on MIDI clips in your DAW, or play them live, since Arpligner works only with regular MIDI data. The README describes how the plugin interprets MIDI data in that sense, and the various options exposed for now so you can better tailor it to your setup & usage. There's also a link to a first demo/tuto video.

I'm currently having fun with sending MIDI chord/pattern tracks from my Deluge, and routing the result back to its internal synths.

Builds are downloadable for Windows right now, but it's portable and the repo contains what's needed to build on other platforms (for people who know about JUCE, it's made with it), and I can provide Linux builds too if there is some interest (however Linux is probably the simplest platform to build it on yourself). I just cannot provide OSX builds myself right now.

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    EddyEddy Cologne, GermanyBeta Tester Posts: 292

    Great work, will see if its posible for me to use it.
    Right now I do my experiments with Pure Data on my RPi - still a beginner, but it is the only "code" that I nearly understand and its cross platform

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