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MIDI mapping on SONG level FX?


Hello lovely Delugers! :)

So I've been looking round for a little while for this one, but can't seem to find it. I'm making a live set on the Deluge, with multiple songs that lead from one to the next, and would really like to control SONG level FX.

At first I found it in the manual (page 233):

1. Press [SONG]. Button illuminates solid blue.
2. Press & hold [PAD], where pad is any pad row with an active clip. This
enables access to changing the parameters for the CLIP.
3. Press [AFFECT ENTIRE]. Button illuminates orange.
4. The affect parameters are now accessible for the entire SONG. The
associated buttons and UPPER / LOWER controls can be adjusted.
5. Parameters available by default in song view are:
• Mod FX
• EQ"

So to apply FX to the entire track at once is no biggie, can be done, but my question is whether its possible to map a MIDI controller to it. I Just cant figure out what I should be hitting in order to show the Deluge which parameter to map to the controller.
Is this even possible at all?

If anyone has a slight hint that would be so amazing!
Thank you all <3


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