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OLED Upgraded received - some quick UI ideas

beakerbeaker AdelaideBeta Tester Posts: 44

Hi team Deluge

Thankyou very much for provided the amazing upgrade retrofit programme.
My little girl has safely made it to AUS<-->NZ and it just simply feels like a brand new unit :)

So, without any complaint implied, here's a few little UI ideas now that you've got a dot-matrix playground.

1) When in SONG/Arranger MODE, nothing is displayed on screen. Maybe you've already got a plan for this, but if not - consider showing Song name when not playing,

2) Additionally to the above, show Song position counter when playing (maybe underneath the Song name)

3) When loading SYNTH or KIT, the loading box covers the Preset name. This makes it impossible to know which Preset is taking time to load (would actually be nice to be able to scroll-past long/loading samples btw). Consider placing [LOADING..] box over 'SYNTH' / 'KIT'

4) Also, for very short load times, mostly Synth presets, the [LOADING..] box flickers as the Preset loads faster than the draw routing. Not sure how/what could be done about this - but 3) above would be less distracting in any case.

Lastly, so far NO BUGs for me with 4.1.2

Great Work


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    KillertomatoKillertomato berlinBeta Tester Posts: 12

    I just got my Deluge back with the new display. 3) is what instantly caught my eye. The cool thing about the new display is that you can see the full name instantly. But it is covered by a huge "loading" popup which defeats the purpose of displaying the full name

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    norisoundsnorisounds swedenBeta Tester Posts: 28

    I also find the loading dialog could be better positioned. Like top left corner or something.

    Also, I hope the parameter values of the yellow knobs can be shown on screen when knobs are turned.

    Otherwise, the oled is awesome :smiley:

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    djAziddjAzid AmsterdamPosts: 199
    edited April 2023

    1) Good that nothing annoying is displayed. Now you can focus on making stuff ;)

    3) For a better view of multiple synths/kits, hold load and synth/kit. I tend to use this more than a regular load.

    You should alse install this one:

    And the firmware is already at 4.1.3 B)

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    lowandslowlowandslow United StatesPosts: 29
    edited May 2023

    +++1 on Greg's ideas.

    Rohan, maybe you could add a dope live "waveform" or RTA / levels graphic when the user is in song mode? That way I'm focused on the hypnotic audio output and sick beat that my Deluge is playing.... or at least shows my levels of output... gotta put that OLED to use!

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