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External Parameter Divisions


Does anyone know if there's a way to change the divisions within an assigned external parameter/gold knob? For example, I'm trying to cycle through 4 waveforms but I can only cycle through values 1-4 and 5-127 are empty, as opposed to say even divisions of 32 or something else. Is this a Deluge programming thing or is it coming from the information that my synth is sending it?


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    rezareza los angelesModerator, Beta Tester Posts: 617

    there is no way to change the scale/divisions of gold knobs that have been assign on the deluge. when assigned to midi cc's they range from 0-127. you may be able to get closer to what you want with a midi device like the blokas midihub that can interpret the midi information they receive/send based on what you tell it to.

    could be useful to know what device you are using externally and what is assigned to what.

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    Thanks for the rec! I'm not sure yet how much of a use case this will actually be for me. I was just running through parameters on my Nord 2x and noticed that it's difficult to be precise with parameters that only have a few values. Not really needed for a synth with knobs but I'm also thinking about how to control FX units that don't have knobs. Still working out how to maybe do that with my Digitakt in the MIDI chain.

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