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Adding your own samples to deluge

alive555alive555 ThailandBeta Tester Posts: 18

whats the best way to add samples and create your own kits and synth patches right now on the deluge?

also how to manage them and move the samples around would be ideal.

Also anyone used kitmaker or preset maker?


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    Too_MereToo_Mere Chicago, IL, USABeta Tester, Mentor Posts: 993

    I prefer to make kits and synth patches right on the deluge. I haven't tried the kitmaker or preset maker.

    You cannot move samples once they are used in presets or songs because those presets/songs will no longer work if you do. So you should organize the samples where you want them on the card before using them in presets or songs.
    You can organize your presets and songs (xml files) within folders and move those without issue, as long as they're still nested under the corresponding folder on the root level.

    Press shift + kit to make a new kit (shift + synth to initialize the synth). If you have a folder of all samples you want in a single kit you can navigate to that folder then long press the select knob, then turn so it says ALL, select once more and it'll load all samples of the folder into a kit. Or you can load a single sample, then hold a blank audition pad + load to add a new sample, and continue until you've built your kit.
    Then press save + kit to save the preset (save + synth to save a synth preset).

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