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Adding support for Ableton Link

mydudechrismydudechris United StatesPosts: 3

Hey y'all, first post, getting my Deluge today, can't wait. I couldn't find anything around this topic but any chance we could get Ableton Link support added? I'd love to connect my Deluge to other link enabled products, like my Denon X1850 and SC6000's to use in my DJ sets. I know there's midi but we all know that midi clocks aren't the best and having link would allow for a much faster response time for syncing and such.


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    mydudechrismydudechris United StatesPosts: 3

    I mean, the easiest thing would be to simply export the track and mix it right? haha but it'd be cool to use this in a live scenario too

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    PaulFreundPaulFreund GermanyBeta Tester Posts: 11
    edited December 2022

    Unfortunately Ableton Link is a network based technology and since the Deluge does not have networking capabilities (e.g. no network port or WiFi) there is no grounds for implementing it. My experience with MIDI is that all the equipment I have has had very good clock sync and latency so I recommend to try it and see if you can even notice.

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