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Copying a row in Kit clips? CV / Gate for ducking?

hermansmasherhermansmasher AustriaPosts: 26

So sometime I just want to send a gate/trigger from the gate out to my eurorack in order to trigger an envelope which then would create a ducking effect on my voices there. I do know I can either create a designated cv-clip or fill in a cv-row in a kit. But is there any possibility to just copy a row with the notes in it in a kit clip in order to assign a gate out to it? Or maybe even better, just sync the gate out with the audible kick from the deluge, so when I change the sequence of the kick it automatically changes the cv out from it? Right now it looks like I need to manually type in the notes on both rows, right? Any chance to get cv AND samples out of one row?

Cheers :)

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    BugahBugah Posts: 29

    Oh hey, I see this is at least a month or two old but I thought I'd just chime in with a quick workaround. Basically, you copy the patterns, extend the length of the clip, paste it at the correct position, then rotate in the patterns into place. Then you can assign the new row to be a Gate output instead of a sample.

    Copy and paste one row pattern:
    Copying on the Deluge will copy the current vertical viewing position of the pattern as well as all the notes in the vertical columns at the current zoom level.
    Scroll up or down until the row you want to copy is in the bottom row. (Turn ^v)
    Copy the current pattern. (Learn + Press <>)
    Double the length of the current clip. (Shift + Press <>)
    Zoom into the second half of this extended clip. (Press and Turn <>) (Turn <>)
    Scroll up or down until the row you want to paste into is in the bottom row. (Turn ^v)
    Paste the copied pattern. (Shift + Learn + Press <>)
    Rotate the pasted pattern into the first half of the clip. (Press Audition Pad + Press and Turn <>)
    Reduce the length of the clip to the original value. (Shift + Turn <>)

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