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Sample line-in is mono


Hi everyone, I'm recording samples on the line-in, from my computer, and when I play them back they only play in my right headphone. I'm also monitoring the line-in live, and when I hear the incoming and that way it does play correctly in both ears. Anybody have any ideas?



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    rezareza los angelesModerator, Beta Tester Posts: 600

    if the sample is in a clip, can you check if panning is set to 0?

    otherwise, a couple questions:
    what monitoring setting are you using on the deluge?
    what cable is being used for the line in, what is plugged on computer/sound card?
    are your headphones plugged into the deluge?

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    tunablechardtunablechard EarthPosts: 3

    I restarted the machine, and this time I didn't use audio 101 input monitoring, and it all worked as expected. I guess the monitoring was the issue. I'll try to reproduce it and see if that's the case. Thanks for your help!

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