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Focus loop current zoom


Hi everyone,

I know how to star playback at the current zoom in clip mode. I’m wondering if there is a way to focus the playback so that it loops just the current zoom?
For example, at zoom level 16th notes, say I have 12 bars. I’m scrolled to bar 6 and want to loop just bars 6 on repeat.

Any help is much appreciated!



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    rezareza los angelesPosts: 375
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    there isn't a way to loop playback within a section of a clip.

    a possible suggestion could be to copy and paste bar 6's notes into a duplicate clip that is only 1 bar length, but that only would be useful if the rest of the clips in the song aren't important to time with or are just not playing. after making the edits you want, you could copy the duplicate clip's data and paste it in the original clip at that bar.

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