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Creating a MIDI Drum map?


I've been having fun with the Deluge doing a number of different things with samples/internal sounds/MIDI.

I really like the pad interface for creating MIDI drum tracks (i.e. targeting a TR-8. Kurz K250, Octatrack, whatever). To do that, I have to create a MIDI track, turn off Scaling, and then scroll through all the notes in the range to mute the ones that don't have sounds assigned to them. Typically the range is about 1.5 to 2 octaves of sounds. It would be really cool to be able to create a template (custom scale, kit map, something) that just had the 'active sound' notes available and could also restrict the octave range (and vertical scrolling) so that I can quickly move up and down through the sounds trying out different patterns.

Since the drum sounds are typically mapped to notes, creating a separate track for each sound is painful and really slow switching between tracks just to try things out. Having it all on one scrolling display is very quick and easy to work with.

Does anyone have any suggestions on better ways to implement this other than what I'm doing now? (I saved off my muted blank state as Song x and all variations with note triggers as xA, xB, ...).



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