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Quickly make multisample instrument from one long wav of notes played on acoustic instrument

pogodancepogodance United KingdomBeta Tester Posts: 49

Long term deluge lover here. I'm asking for advice on doing something quickly when I know how to do it slowly! I want to make multisample instruments from my own mic recordings of real acoustic instruments. I start by holding a field recorder with nice mic up to the instrument, and I record myself playing one note after another, with silence (or rather, room sound!) in between. After that I need to split the one long wav into ordered single wavs thru silence detection in eg Audacity, then import that folder in deluge to make a multisample instrument. I know how to do this the slow manual way, Audacity, folders, names etc. I'm wondering if there is a more automated way to do it? Do any of the multisample software packages like Robot Sampler, preset maker etc accept one single long wav as initial input and detect transients, or are they very fixed on midi instruments and single files? I really want to avoid manual labour. And I really want to avoid having to do a dozen takes with the mic, each time getting the transient and start perfectly tight.

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