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How do I delete a new synth?

Phoebus1966Phoebus1966 AntwerpPosts: 21

When a new synth with default settings has just been created by pressing SHIFT + SYNTH it is added to the ram memory (aka edit buffer) of the Deluxe however it is not yet saved to the SD card. That I understand. When trying to delete that synth Deluge returns an error message. I believe this to be normal because the Deluge looks for that new synth in the SD card where it is not stored. So how can I delete that new synth from ram memory (aka edit buffer)?

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    Too_MereToo_Mere Chicago, IL, USAPosts: 937
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    Delete the clip from the song by pressing the clip row + save/delete.
    If you want/need to remove it from RAM, save and then reload the song after the clip has been deleted.


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