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Audition Samples not from the beginning


Hi, so i have a sample that is about 9 min long and i load it on a track, i'd like to audition the sample from somewhere in the middle or towards the end, basically not starting from the beginning so i don;t have to wait til it gets until the end every time i play it, the reason is i want to fade it with anotehr sample in the same track but in order to position the second sample i'd like to find the proper place in the end or middle of the first sample but i don't know how to audition it from a place other that the beginning.



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    rezareza los angelesModerator, Beta Tester Posts: 618

    load the long sample into three different rows of a kit. keep the first one normal. the second one hold audition+waveform to get to waveform view. adjust the start position to near where you want it farther along the waveform for reference. you can zoom in as needed. now hit BACK (or any mute pad[left of audition pads]) to exit and then hold the third row audition + waveform view to enter that waveform view.

    edit start point for the sample position you want to fade into as needed. you can hit the other audition pads to reference the other starting points as a guide.

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    julianledejulianlede MexicoPosts: 7

    ah crazy tip. thanks.

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