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[Misfeature] White clips do not auto-extend in arranger mode while recording MIDI

feijaifeijai Washington, DCPosts: 43

In song mode, clips auto-extend as necessary while recording. They continue to do so until RECORD is turned off. Not so in arranger mode. In arranger mode, your recording is bounded to the length of the clip. This happens regardless of whether you record in the arranger or in the arranger's clip view. I think this is in order to prevent white clips from extending into and overwriting other white clips on the same line. But I would imagine that the #1 task when recording into white clips is to record brand new data of indeterminant length: certainly that's how all DAWs do it (see Ableton for example). The only workaround here is to make your clip very long and hope for the best while recording, trimming afterwards. :( Or is there a hidden feature that I'm missing?

It would seem that a better compromise would be to allow the rightmost white clip in an arranger to extend arbitrarily long like in song mode: clips to the left of it can be fixed in length.


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    feijaifeijai Washington, DCPosts: 43

    I understand that once a clip is recorded, adding more stuff to it requires extending its length manually: it's just that on first record the clip auto-extends [in song mode]. This courtesy is not extended to fresh white clips in arranger mode, which is a considerable hindrance.

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