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Route Sidechain to multiple destinations (for simultaneous internal + analog hardware SC)

OctavianOctavian CanadaPosts: 67

Hi there, I'm wondering if it's possible to route Sidechain from a single kick to both internal (other kit clip elements) and externnal (via headphone out to analog gear) destinations at the same time, or if I should duplicate the kick and route the second one to the phones output (can SC even be routed to the head phone out?)? Thanks!


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    rezareza los angelesModerator, Beta Tester Posts: 618

    there is only one sidechain send so you can't have two different side chain kicks that trigger sidechain for internal things and the other for different inputs.

    if you want sidechain for external gear you would have the external gear plugged into the single 1/4in" stereo input the deluge has. then make an audio clip and turn monitoring on for that audio clip and turn up the sidechain send amount for that clip. this means that your external gear's output is sent into the deluge, sidechain ducking is added, and then outputting from the deluge itself.

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