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Pre purchase question about midi cc and automatable parameters.

Phoebus1966Phoebus1966 AntwerpPosts: 52
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Is there a list of all midi cc and deluge automatable parameters?

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    Phoebus1966Phoebus1966 AntwerpPosts: 52

    That looks difficult to get answered 🥴. Anyways, I got a second hand Deluge and purchased the colour overlay for firmware 4.0 from

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    lowandslowlowandslow United StatesPosts: 29

    This answer is probably late… Cc parameters are just numbers you assign to the parameter knobs / parameters options on the Deluge. Look for the exact CC values in the documentation of the hardware you’re trying to control. I set up midi clips in the deluge to use CC parameter values to control different hardware synths in my setup (on specific midi channel). For example I have a Peak synth hooked up to my Deluge via midi, and after setting up CC controls on the Deluge’s cutoff parameter and corresponding gold knob, I can control the filter cutoff on my Peak but turning the Deluge’s programmed parameter knob. Deluge parameter knobs and CC values can also be programmed to transmit different values (per note) as the sequencer plays. The manual has all of this info.

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