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i love it so far after trying nearly all the alternatives

jdom84jdom84 United KingdomPosts: 2
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I tried the digitone, circuit tracks, mpc one, mc 707, mc 101, model:cycles, korg electribe 2 (with hacktribe), korg sq64 and more but these are the most relevant.

I was preferably looking for something that does it all, to be the heart of dawless studio, most things do not have a sampling system so I wanted a seperate sampler but most of the samplers these days are "sample players" they cannot actually sample anything... which is kinda strange, the novation rhythm seems one of the only ones and the korg electribe 2 but its kinda useless...

I am kinda still in shock at how bad most music hardware is these days, I feel like companies are weirdly just rushing products out without enough rnd, trying to tick boxes instead of making it work. They rush out something in a beta stage and then have to add more features in software updates...

The deluge has very little competition which is strange considering how affordable tech is these days...

What else is a sequencer, sampler and synth? that I have no listed? Yes there is the poly end tracker, but its a tracker which to me seems about the least intuitive way to make music ever invented (I am dyslexic).

I was so impressed with the Novation Tracks, its the only reason I ended up forking out £1000 for the deluge, they have made a very capable device, it has a incredible synth engine which sounds 1000 times better than Rolands Zen core which to my well trained ears was awful plus to add insult to injury they demand you pay a monthly subscription to have full access to the back end of that synth engine, the novation tracks they give you all that for nothing and it costs 3 x cheaper new than the mc 707.

I guess I just wanted to see what people thought about the music devices we have these days and in particular the "grooveboxes" that attempt to do it all. What have I missed? I cannot think of anything else we have the deluge, poly end tracker, hacktribe, mpc one (and the range)...

Sonicware have a really awesome sampler sequencer coming out soon, ticks a lot of boxes, small, affordable, actually has a screen which is kinda helpful...

But again its not actually doing everything, its not a synth, its only a sequencer/sampler/recorder..

Is it me or in the 90's they seemed to make a lot more capable "workstation"/"groovebox type things?

I am very very happy the Deluge exists it was my last attempt after spending and wasting many hundreds of £ buying things trying them out then selling (loosing massive ebay fees).

What do you guys think? Are there any real alternatives to the Deluge? Mpc one was pretty close but its really not portable, the synths included are not real synths as in they are not editable, you then have to pay £150 each vst to upgrade them. Also the screen was kinda ugly imo...

Anyway bless Synthstrom for making this incredibly versatile device that can be the heart of a studio or your entire studio, you can use it on the bus, on the train, in a tent..


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    jeffbr13jeffbr13 LondonPosts: 2

    I feel the same way! I liked the old Korg stuff but the lack of flexibility really didn’t work for me, and the Octatrack was too deep to just pick up and play. Whereas with the Deluge I can do most everything (except real onboard compression grrr) in one box, and can immediately lay down a beat and get some synth lines going. Then dive deep into the sound sculpting if I have the manual to hand. The fact I can use it as a live looper too is just amazing!

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    darenagerdarenager Between a rack and a hardware placeBeta Tester Posts: 222

    Hmm, I think it is a mistake to think any one machine can do everything well. I have a lot of sequencers/samplers because some can’t do things others can.

    Deluge is an excellent instrument, but so are all the others you mention, each brings its own strengths and weaknesses IMHO, for me the best approach is to use the right tool for the job. So for me Deluge is weak on fx and synth sounds, but strong on sequencing, sampling and audio recording/arranging, so I’ll use other gear with better synthesis and fx, then record that into Deluge usually as long audio files, but sometimes as loops or one shots.

    The trick is to find what you need/like and go from there, expecting one box to do everything is always going to mean compromise.

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