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Appreciation Thread

annaluiseannaluise Berlin, GermanyBeta Tester Posts: 19

Dear folks at S⚡nthstrom Audible and in the forum,

I'd just like to say how grateful I am for the Deluge!

It's such a powerful yet intuitive companion in my music making. Whenever I look around for other combinations of electronic instruments and effects, I find myself coming back to the standalone Deluge for its simplicity, deepness and sheer power in features.

And its sound! It has such a wide variety of sounds in it, and always leads me to some wonderful texture that's even better than what I was thinking of. Also, I have compared it to a variety of other synths. And while each synth has its sweet spots that are particularly easy to find on that specific synth, I was so often able to replicate the sound on the Deluge rather quickly. From intricate to phatt...and wow can the Deluge be phatt...and punchy...

Using midi on several synth tracks gives us a whole wonderland of sonic possibilities. And its clever idiosyncrasies allow for so many tricks that make it feel like a real instrument. And sometimes like working with old tape machines...or a modular synth. And it has a wonderful 8x16 screen that deserves much more love than it gets!

Is there room for improvement? Of course! The sky is the limit. And the CPU :) I can think of a bunch of things...but I know that S⚡nthstrom Audible feel such a passion for their brainchild that I am constantly excited for what it is already and for what it yet is to become!

Thank you all at S⚡nthstrom Audible for this magical instrument!

Yours, Annaluise Blume


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    HeptagenHeptagen Posts: 277

    I want to put some emphasis on

    coming back to the standalone Deluge

    The best time I had with the deluge was whenever I limited myself to the deluge alone and tried to find new paths to do things. Not only will you make more music that way once you make peace with the limits, but also the moments when I have a breakthrough and discover a whole new workflow or some insane trick and my mind needs a couple of minutes to understand what I'm actually doing - that's when the endorphines really get flowing.
    As long as I tried to buy my way out of the limits (= the challenges) with new gear to add to the deluge, I didn't reach this point.

    Try it. There's a lot of experience and (musical) wisdom to be gained and literally nothing to lose.

    I'm not saying that this restriction has to last forever. Just know that there's a pretty high chance that you haven't yet mastered what you already have and that there is still a lot to discover that (sometimes) even the devs don't know about. ;)

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    IvoFXIvoFX GermanyPosts: 6

    I got mine on Tuesday, so I am still learning.
    What impresses me most is the fact that you can load a different song without stopping playback, I have never had that before in a groovebox.
    I also like that I can search files with the keyboard and that saving things automatically adds an incremented suffix.
    I have made two nice little songs already.
    The euclidean sequencing is insanely useful.
    What attracted me event more than the advanced sequencer is the streamed resampling capability, it's nice not needing to bother about RAM limitations, loading saving etc.

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