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Midi Triggering Pulsar 23 Resulting in Too Long Notes


Hi guys,
Newb here coming from the Polyend Tracker so bare with me.
On my Tracker, when I output MIDI notes/instances to the Pulsar 23, I'm able to dial in gate lengths, so bass drum hits for instance can range from quick short bursts (allowing consecutive notes to be heard separately) or longer trailing booms.

I've figured out how to trigger from the Deluge to the Pulsar but I can't seem to achieve the same shorter/longer gates. I see velocity but I don't see a way to shorten pulse/gate lengths. So right now, consecutive Pulsar drum/snare hits are bleeding into each other.

Any tips?


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    sfjtdrsfjtdr nycPosts: 3

    A gate length default parameter would help immensely. But for now, you can zoom in to 1/32 place your kicks and snares then zoom back out... and it should work. The way it places gate length is based on how far you are zoomed in.... which is kind of cumbersome, to put it politely.

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