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Send sysex to external synth from Mac via Deluge


Hi everyone.

I’ve got a bit of an esoteric problem. I’m trying to update the firmware on my Waldorf Microwave 2.

Apparently all I need to do is send a midi file containing the relevant sysex to the Microwave. However I’m currently lacking a midi interface for my MacBook Pro and cannot send directly from it to the Microwave. I tried to use the Deluge as a midi interface/hub but it doesn’t work.

The MacBook Pro (2019 model) can see the Deluge (it appears as an interface in the midi setup Apple app) and I can create a midi instrument for the Microwave in the audio/midi app but when I try and send using either Ableton or a program called Sysex Librarian the Deluge play light goes on and off and it looks like it’s attempting to play the file in the Deluge.

Is it possible to use the Deluge as a hub/interface to send sysex data to an external synth?

Thanks in advance


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    DaEmbassyDaEmbassy SydneyPosts: 54

    Hi @clive I am by no means a MIDI expert - but I don't think you can use the Deluge to "play" the update to your Waldorf synth.

    I have a number of digital instruments at home, and firmware update over MIDI is the challenge that manufacturers like to give us to test us.

    On a Windows PC, I use a program named "MIDI-0x" to push updates over MIDI to a device.
    I regret to say that I have never attempted this on my Macbook, so i can't make a recommendation on what software to use.

    Google told me that this link might get you started, though -

    Good Luck!


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    cliveclive Posts: 4

    Hi Michael,
    Thanks for the response and info - unfortunately the MW2 has no usb midi implementation so that info doesn't help. I did manage to get the midi activity light to flash on my Microwave 2 by turning midi thru in the Deluge to on. So it's a kind of progress :)

    The sysex librarian program seems to the standard for sending this kind of stuff over midi in Macs. It can send to the Deluge out or to any instrument I created in the Mac Audio Midi setup app that comes on the mac. I think I need to bite the bullet and get a midi interface.

    Thanks again.

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    cliveclive Posts: 4

    Just to let people know I've managed to get midi data from Ableton Live 10 Lite to play on the MW2 via the
    Deluge but when I try it with a midi file containing just sysex data nothing gets through to the MW2. I suspect that maybe the Deluge is stripping sysex data from the midi stream. I'll keep plugging away and if I get it to work I'll post here to help anybody else in a similar position.

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    cliveclive Posts: 4

    Actually the sysex problem might be an Ableton issue.

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