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Stretch artifacts with external midi clock

Kang_KodusKang_Kodus HamburgPosts: 5

I am using the Deluge to playback song stems along other synths and drum machines. The Deluge is midi slave to an Elektron Analog Four in 128 BPM. Once playback is started I hear artifacts in the sound that is played, especially in long synths pads with 16 bars. When I remove the midi cable from the Deluge, the artifacts disappear. I tried to playback the stems either in a kit or an audio track. Also everything is exported and played back in the correct tempo (double checked that). Although the Analog Four is sending 128 BPM the Deluge is showing 128.2, no chance to match the correct tempo by lowering the master tempo to match. Also the problem comes up with Ableton as a clock source. It seems like the Deluge does not reveive "pure" 128 BPM and starts stretching the audio, although everything prepared in the matching tempo. Any tips? I checked all the midi settings in the Deluge, no changes there regarding the artifacts. Using the Deluge as a Midi Master is no option, as it does not hold sync with the Elektron gear in long 1 hour sets. I am happy about any tips, thanks in advance.

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