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Quantization of clip/section launch

thethanxthethanx USAPosts: 9

I'm wondering if anyone has a workaround for making it so that clips and sections launch with different quantizations... mainly something like "1 bar."

I'm currently moving my set over from Live/Push 2 and in Live I've got a little more flexibility in when I launch the next clip/section, in that I can effectively get the next scene ready to go to launch at the start of the next bar even if the original "loop" hasn't finished, and the deluge won't let me launch the next section until the previous one has finished.


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    MagicmixMagicmix United KingdomPosts: 17

    Shift and launch starts the next loop immediately.

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    thethanxthethanx USAPosts: 9

    I'm aware of this function but that's not actually what it does. It UNMUTES the clip, meaning that wherever the playhead is on the is where the clip will be playing from. This is mostly very useful and I'm happy with this feature, but maybe I need to elaborate on the issue:

    Say I have a song with two main parts A and B. A has a 2 bar bassline, B has a 4 bar bassline.
    in the form of the song, I would like to skip the last bar of the B section and go back to the A section. However, as it currently stands if I just use the SHIFT+Launch function it brings in the A at the 2nd bar of the A, meaning that all my timing is off.

    I would like to be able to trigger launching sections so that I can actually launch a section from the beginning, whether or not a loop has finished its cycle. I'm wondering if maybe there's a workaround of mapping the "restart" to a midi clip as a 1 bar loop, and then if I SHIFT+LAUNCH into that clip it will effectively restart everything from 1?

    is there a way to assign those functions internally so that I can make sure that restart happens exactly on the 1 via a midi clip? or do I have to do some kinda weird workaround using an external controller?

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    Too_MereToo_Mere Chicago, IL, USABeta Tester, Mentor Posts: 993

    You could connect a MIDI cable from the output back into the input and learn and launch the restart function to a MIDI clip.
    But I don’t believe this would be any easier than simply shortening the B section to 3 bars. Or creating a 1 bar C section for transition back to the A section.

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    thethanxthethanx USAPosts: 9

    huh I didn't think about straight up looping the 5 pin out directly back to the input, I'll have to try that... but I might need to connect a controller first so that it learns on an external keyboard, when I tried to just have a midi clip "Learn" commands it wouldn't do it.

    The issue with shortening the B section is that it's not quite that simple, currently the B section is comprised of various loops that come in at different points and some of these are not 3 bars, and currently with the way Deluge works it'll default to playing all the loops all the way through... but I guess I could write a C section that's simply all the parts in the b section but only 3 bars long that I can trigger when it's time?

    Thanks this have given me some ideas. I'm sure there's a good reason you can't set the quantization of section launching but maybe it's something that will happen some day.

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