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MPE just intonation


So I have this glorious generative arpeggiated rubato that's all lfo based arpeggiators, polymeter sequences, and probabilistic root drones. It's great, but I think it needs to be microtuned to demonstrate perfect harmonic ratios as it performs itself. I feel like there's got to be a way to input MPE data WRT pitch to bend the individual tones into place. Unfortunately, I don't have an MPE controller aside from my computer. Please tell at me if this was already posted and I missed it, but I want this vision to exist. It's for an art installation, and I'll still use the Deluge even if I can't microtune it.



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    alphaminusalphaminus United StatesPosts: 44

    Maybe I need to record MPE data from a DAW, or edit the Deluge song file? Open to suggestions.

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