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Deluge firmware V1.3.1 released

rohanrohan Staff Posts: 531

Available in the downloads section. This release fixes a few bugs.

-- Shifting parameter automation to the right, it wouldn't wrap around correctly
-- Fixed problem with sending MIDI CCs via USB - they would bunch together
-- FM sounds created within a kit did not sound / function correctly
-- Creating synth sounds within a kit is now easier - you don't have to load a sample first
-- Fixed potential crash if the Deluge ran out of RAM while trying to load a song
-- Fixed potential crash if the user recorded over a sound while it was playing
-- Cursor style defaulted to OFF. It now defaults to SLOW

To install the update, unzip the .bin file onto your SD card, ensure there are no other .bin files on there, put the card back into your Deluge, and then hold down the shift button while powering on. A spinning animation will display, and the firmware will be permanently installed.

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