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MIDI syncing problem

ClydePaquinClydePaquin Montreal, QuebecPosts: 27
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Hi everyone!

I don't know if someone could have an idea about what to try to solve this... So Logic is the master and Play/Stop the Deluge at measure 9 (Logic is set to measure 9). Everything is fine when I play it from there or before, all the song stay in sync. But if I start from a later on measure, let's say from measure 12, the Synth notes that are in triplets just play on the closer "regular" beats. It's like if Deluge isn't able to sync the triplets notes when the song doesn't start from the top...

I tried a couple of things... all the different settings in Logic, I put the PPQn at 24 (it was at 96) ...that didn't change anything... I already had this kind of problem, when I was starting later in the song everything was out of sync and chaotic, and an update had resolve the issue... but now it's just the triplets that play on the next "regular" beat instead of what is programmed in the clip.

I run the 4.0 version.

Any ideas?!


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