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Song mode + 4.0 pingpong direction or different row lenghts.


Loving the 4.0 update. So much fun today creating slightly changing drum & percussion patterns. Setting the basic beat (bass + snare) to whole bar and removing a couple of beats from hi-hat or percussion (preferably in odd numbers) really makes the rhythm come alive, especially when combined with some randomness and modulation to velocity. :) :) :)

One thing I noticed that was missing from the manual changes (?): when using Song mode and pingpong repetition or different row then you must set the clip length in Song view as long as the whole repeating sequence is, if you want to hear it all, instead if just the clip length you get when inserting it by pressing the row. For example if 1 bar clip has pingpong then the length in song mode should be 2 bars, like a long note (xooo instead if xoxo). If one row is missing 2 16ths then you should add (erm, do the math here :) ) bars long clip. And so on. It seems that the clip looping restarts with each new iteration which is totally sensible and fine.



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    BolganiBolgani SuomiPosts: 61

    (should be "pingpong repetition or different row lengths", can't edit posts? :o )

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