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Turn Deluge Song into Music Xml (Sibelius, Musescore, Dorico)

Maj7sus2Maj7sus2 Vienna, AustriaPosts: 12

Anyone who already thought about exporting the MIDI Sequences into a musical notation software ? I Use Sibelius and Staffpad but have zero experience connecting them with external Hardware / Software ( I know it's possible but never needed so far).

Since I am leaning towards Deluge being where I sketch most of my musical work It would be a sweet surprise to discover there is integration for this.

Any tips and infos are welcome.



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    Maj7sus2Maj7sus2 Vienna, AustriaPosts: 12

    Update in case anyone is interested:

    while I did not found a way to directly connect sibelius and Deluge, there is a way to get midi stems from ableton into delly and viceversa. Here is a tutorial

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