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Performance Trick

jensgjensg Berlin, GermanyBeta Tester Posts: 297

Maybe you all knew but here goes. if you record to arranger you can mess with an individual clip (filter/delay etc) and mess it up completely. But when you stop the clip and relaunch it, it’s restored and as “new”.

The performance is then captured as a white clip. This differs from just playing in normal song mode where your changes are permanent to a clip.

Very interesting and I kind of overlooked this feature.


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    volstehvolsteh CroatiaPosts: 422

    Did not know this, thanks for the tip!


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    flocoloresflocolores Cologne, GermanyBeta Tester Posts: 9

    ooooh. yes, that's what I've been looking for, thanks! this will be extremely helpful for live sets.

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