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Deluge / Berlin

thomasbthomasb BerlinPosts: 5

Hi, wondering if there are Deluge users here in Berlin that want to get together, share ideas, jam, things like that.

Could be a good thing. I have a room in Neukölln I'm happy to host in though it has no mixing desk so it's one at a time through the sound system. . .

Anyway, lemme know if you're out there.




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    BlackSunBlackSun BerlinPosts: 1

    Hey Thomas, I live also in Berlin and own a Deluge... I would love to talk with you in person. :)

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    thomasbthomasb BerlinPosts: 5

    Hi Black Sun, sorry it has taken me all this time to get back to you but I was abroad until last week. How are you getting on with your machine ? I am now back in Berlin and I think a Deluge hangout could be really productive. I moved to a new apartment just by Görli. Where abouts are you located ?

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