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Program changes



I have a question about program changes :
Simple use case :
A song has a single midi clip with a program change / bank / sub-bank configured.
When song loads, PC is sent - OK
Song start, no PC is sent.
Mute/Unmute clip, no PC sent.

So, I created a clone of the clip and changed the PC in it.
Song load, PC for active clip is sent - OK
Mute/Unmute clips and changing scene, PC for active clip is sent - OK
Haven't tested on song start.

Is it a normal behavior ?

I did this simple use case because in another song I have a problem :
Kit clip with 14 midi mapping (instead of sample, midi channel 2 / note 60, ....)
As there are no PC for midi kit row, I created 14 midi clips for each channel with the corresponding PC (on channel 2 / PC x,3 / PC y,...)
I save the song with these 14 midi clips on so when it loads, it should send PC for each channel.

Unfortunatelly, it sends PC only on channel 5 -> 14 but no PC is sent on channels 2,3,4
Mute / Unmute clips does not send PC nor at song start.

If I mute midi clips of channel 5 -> 14, save song, reload it, it sends PC on channel 2,3,4 as expected.
Mute / Unmute clips does not send PC nor at song start.

What can cause this ? A corrupted song structure or else ?

Is there another way of doing this ? (PC for kit rows... maybe midi in kit causing problem)

I tried to clone a midi clip (channel 2) in this song, configured a different PC in this clone, saved with all clip channels on => mute / unmute sends PC but still not sent at load.

I should maybe make midi clip instead of midi in kit row but it's easier for me to compose drums on kits.

Thank you for reading :), answers, ideas and son on ! :)




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    Hi ! For those who have the problem : some program changes are lost on song load when using usb midi. By using midi 5 pins, all program changes are transmitted correctly. Tried a bunch of usb cables that doesn't resolve the issue.

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    lowandslowlowandslow United StatesPosts: 29

    When things like this happen, I use a Midi monitor tool to see what midi signals are being transmitted (assuming you have midi running through a computer or can run a midi signal through a computer). I have a Mio iConnect 5pin to usb that helps me troubleshoot. I haven’t tried program changes on a drum kit, or a kit that is sending drum gates. I’m not sure if Program Changes work that way? Maybe someone else knows.

    It does seem as if the PC in my midi clips fires on the first note of the clip. I’ve observed that when I change clips (shift + launch/mute) before the play head of the sequencer starts over, the program change won’t work until the clip starts over on its own. Is this what you’re describing?

    What is your USB midi cable plugged into? A laptop? Another synth? I think USB can get tricky with other devices and they need to be USB “class compliant”. More info about the hardware you’re running might help. Good luck.

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