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Remove an entry(row) from a kit? (not covered in manual)

hurphendalehurphendale PragueBeta Tester Posts: 42

I know this is pretty basic, but it actually doesn't seem to be covered anywhere in the manual that I can find. How do you remove a row from a kit?



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    rezareza los angelesModerator, Beta Tester Posts: 624

    you can hold anywhere on that row and press SAVE/DELETE which deletes that row and sample.

    to clear a specific row of it's sequence, but still keep the sample in the kit, you can use the new beta feature of euclidean sequencing and press and hold the audition pad of that row, then press the up/down encoder and turn it to 0.

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    hurphendalehurphendale PragueBeta Tester Posts: 42

    I swear I tried this a million times, but now just realize I was using audition, and not holding the row. :/ this seems to be something I run into every year at some point :) Thanks for the reminder :)

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