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A better way of playing Deluge with external keyboard?


Hi all, I've had the Deluge for about a week and am enjoying it immensely. The amount and quality of thought that has gone into the Deluge's design and realisation is obvious and very impressive. My thanks and congratulations to all involved!

Here's the first what will probably a tedious series of questions. Apologies in advance. I'm an advocate of RTFM but can also have poor comprehension skills at times.

If I'm playing on a clip's track with a midi keyboard and then forget to break the connection (LEARN + audition pad) before switching to other track(s), I end up stuck with the old connection when trying to connect the keyboard to a new clip. The result is I am inadvertently triggering two or more clip tracks when I only want to address one.

If I can remember what the original clip is that I'm connected to I can go back there and disconnect. More usually, I can't remember what the earlier connection(s) were and I end up having to switch off the keyboard and then switch it on again.

Is there a better way?


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    LegsMechanicalLegsMechanical United StatesBeta Tester Posts: 49

    There’s no better way I know of apart from getting in the habit of using one external midi channel per kit/synth. That way you can just change the channel on your external controller and not worry about changing the LEARN connections after they’re made.

    This can, of course, be tricky without a midi controller that can easily change its transmit channel in the fly - something that is increasingly hard to find these days and that manufacturers seem to have little interest in. (The ubiquitous Arturia keystep line is actually really good at this, however. )

    That lack of options on the controller side has a lot of us hoping for a firmware update that implements an Omni mode option to direct all incoming midi, regardless of the channel, to the currently selected clip. No idea if it’ll come, though.

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    rezareza los angelesModerator, Beta Tester Posts: 597

    if you hold LEARN/INPUT in SONG mode then the tracks connected will blink white across their respective row. it's as easy as holding the LEARN/INPUT and pressing a blinking pad to disconnect that midi to that clip, or you can hold the button and respective pad and press a key to learn it.

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    markkmarkk Posts: 17

    @LegsMechanical said:
    The ubiquitous Arturia

    Which I have. I tried that method and then decided that the disconnect/connect method was ultimately more convenient for me, although evidently not foolproof.

    @reza said:
    it's as easy as holding the LEARN/INPUT and ...

    Indeed the process is easy. It's also easy (for me) to forget to do it every time I want to switch tracks. But I'm very new to hardware. I'm up for some adjustment. :)

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