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Multi sample mode


What about a third (or inbetween) mode - that incorporates the sample-per-note function of the kit track, but also uses some of the synth mode functions - reproducing effects like attack and release for every note, allowing keyboard mode etc.

I've recently tried out putting a 40 or so key piano into a kit track, note by note, and then learning each note to a midi keyboard.

Happy to say this works great and I now have a piano that's pretty good! But it's a lot of work changing each sample to cut mode, adding the same release time on each one, etc etc. A mode like this could speed up working with multi samples.

Is there enough RAM to make this worthwhile do you think?


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    DustyNeedleDustyNeedle BelgiumPosts: 6

    Could you post that piano kit with the samples somewhere, really would love to have a play with that

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    Here you go - very much an experiment at this stage, otherwise I'd put it in the sample packs section. I only put in notes I needed for a specific song at this point because I was eager to see if it worked - so you only have notes in the key of G, and some random low notes.

    It's also likely annoying because it's built with samples in the record folder, so you'd have to make way for those numbered record samples if you wanted to use the same kit track and song track (which has the notes learned to keys on a midi keyboard). If you want to use it you could backup your SD card first so that you can go back to your original formation.

    KIT190 is kit the piano is in. SONG 916 is where the each note is mapped to a key on a midi keyboard - but here's the really weird thing: I'm using a 32 note keyboard, but I really wanted some low octave notes I couldn't otherwise reach - so I've mapped them to the 'wrong' notes - the f is a low g, the G# is a low c and so on. So it may be disorienting.

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    DustyNeedleDustyNeedle BelgiumPosts: 6

    Tnx for the upload, will try it out soon

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