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Delleague: xml- batch tool: fix samples, set volumes, set patches, create synth/kit/folder lists

kleinstarkleinstar germanyBeta Tester Posts: 43


I made a small program to analyse and fix missing samples.
It can also set entire volumes in kits and synths and Osc volumes at once to avoid loud mistakes when jamming with others.
With this newest release you can create textfile lists of kits, synth and folders.

For windows.
Could anyone try it on mac os?

Hope it'll help somebody.
Write any comments on bugs and as always- have a backup.

Thanks Ian and Rohan for creating this lovely device! :)



For windows.
Could anyone pleae try it on mac os?
-> Download and install C# net core runtime:


  • Microsoft.Windows.Desktop.App 5.0 must be installed (size:52MB).
    Start the program and it will guide you to the microsoft page.
    Choose in the middle under desktop x64 or x32 installation.

  • Copy this program to your hard drive and start "DelugeFixer.exe" or create a link.


  • Analysis:

    • used samples in synths and kits
    • volumes of Osc A & B and entire volume
    • synth type (sample,subtractive,fm,..)
  • Repair not found samples with found samples with same name

    • Changes only entries with just one sample found with the same name
  • Add prefix to used samples in xml files (rename the ones in the folder with renamer program the same way to fix entries later)

  • Set "entire" volume of synths and kits, set highest Osc vol and keep A6B ratio
  • Create different lists of folders, kits and synths


  • Drag and drop only the xml files or folders with xml files you want to change to area on top left.
    Also drag drop entire deluge library.
    You can use only the ones you wish to analyse or set values.

  • Program analyses xml files and samples (wait as long as mouse has busy symbol)

  • Lists xml files on the left. Red files contain errors or missing samples.
  • Select xml file to see messages and current volume.
  • Always analyse again if samples changed or xml files changed in program.
  • Fix samples:
    Press fix samples button for all files or the selected file.
    It will not fix the used sample if more than one sample with same name was found.
    Especially multisamples can have same names in different folders i.e. "A3.wav".
    --> Use function to add prefix and postfix to sample names, the rename the samples in folder the same way.
    Once the sample names are unique in file and folder use fix function.

  • Set volume of synth or kit`s entire volume and/or OSC A & B volumes.
    Useful to have not too a loud settigs when loading presets. Avoid loud sounds if you jam with others.
    Set entire volume for kits or main volume for synths with the level of 0..50 in the box and activate switch to the right.
    Set highest Osc volume for kit rows or synths. The lower value is scaled by the new range of the higher one.
    Kits row volume will never be affected.
    Press set volume button for all files.

  • Create different lists of folders, kits and synths with buttons on the right.
    ! Have backup copies to go back to your orignal files if problems occur!

Older version image:

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    SlowMoeSlowMoe GermanyBeta Tester Posts: 9

    The app just shuts down when it starts to scan folders. What am i doing wrong ? Win10 user ...

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    kleinstarkleinstar germanyBeta Tester Posts: 43
    edited March 2022

    I am sorry. I just had this once and it was working after restart.
    I postet new version, with seperate buttons for load and analysing things:

    Can you try this one. And wait if it says not responding - it will always finish its tasks. If library is very big or if there are tonns of xml files it will need a while.
    You can just drop the xmls you want and you dont have to drop always all..

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    kleinstarkleinstar germanyBeta Tester Posts: 43
    edited September 2022

    I updated my program for usage with folder organization from firmware 4.0. It´ll get obsolete to create folder list wtih the amazing new OLED display but if you want - you can :)

    But you can still fix samples, change sample names, analyse your library or set volumes for all files to a cerain level.

    You can download it here:

    Or go on page:

    .. always have backups..but it works :)

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    RadioRadio San Diego, CA, USAPosts: 6

    hi, does this work on a Mac too?

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    kleinstarkleinstar germanyBeta Tester Posts: 43

    Hi, sorry it doesn't :( I have no glue how to compile this for mac and have no mac to try this..

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    kleinstarkleinstar germanyBeta Tester Posts: 43


    I updated this a bit - changed the gui and added the ability to manipulate and create patch cables for multiple selected xml files. I found this useful for keyboard playing to not have all velocity --> main volume with an amount of 50. Some sounds were unplayable and the loudness did varay too much.
    Now you also can specify the folder where you want to search samples for fixing.
    The package contains an pdf manual:

    I wrapped my head around compiling this for mac - but I would have to reprogram all view and buy a mac developer license - I just can`t.. I am sorry :(

    Hope it helps someone..

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    highstandardshighstandards CHPosts: 56

    This is really great, thank you for sharing this useful tool with everyone :)
    Do you plan on making it possible to replace samples in songs as well?

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    kleinstarkleinstar germanyBeta Tester Posts: 43

    @highstandards said:
    This is really great, thank you for sharing this useful tool with everyone :)
    Do you plan on making it possible to replace samples in songs as well?

    Hey, thanks for your reply!
    Actually I thought nobody cares or find it useful or maybe others can`t get it to run or everyone has a mac and could not use it - so I did not want to do any further updates :( I am bit sad, that I didnt use another programming language which runs on mac too.. I found it useful to set al volumes to a certain level - this maintains a better gain stagging..

    You mean - fix samples in songs - so the same as with kits and synths?

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    highstandardshighstandards CHPosts: 56

    I wouldn't worry too much about the lack of a Mac version. Most people will have access to a PC, they're ubiquitous. It's not like we need to run the tool all the time.

    A great use-case for me is to "fix" sample based collections like the ones shared on this forum, when doing a SD card re-org. Doing deep search and replace in folders is error-prone.

    And yes, some songs have sample in their definition files and links will be broken when these are moved, so it would be very useful if your tool could parse and fix those links as well :)

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    kleinstarkleinstar germanyBeta Tester Posts: 43

    I could do, but got no time in the moment :( You could use collect samples on new projects where all is there.
    Thanks for your reply - was really thinking nobody cares at all.

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