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Deluge shows "FAIL" and/or "FOLD" when making changes after a short while

sayhibensayhiben Seattle, WA, USABeta Tester Posts: 1
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  • Power via 9v pedal power supply
  • Deluge is connected with a USB A->B adapter to a powered Anker 7-port USB hub connected to:

    • MicroFreak powered ON, reading MIDI from channel 2
    • Keystep 37 controller powered ON, sending MIDI on channel 16
    • NTS-1, powered ON, reading MIDI from channel 1
    • OP-1, powered OFF
    • OP-Z, powered OFF
  • Deluge MIDI out connected to Microcosm, powered ON

  • MicroFreak output connected to Deluge Line In via TRS cable

Reproduction steps

This is not the only repro, but the fastest way I've been able to repro:

  1. Power on Deluge, Keystep, MicroFreak, and Microcosm
  2. From Song view, add a new audio clip/track by holding Pad and pressing Select
  3. Set audio clip to STER. by holding Learn and pressing the audio clip's Pad
  4. Press a Pad in a new row, enter Clip view for that row, then set it to MIDI channel 2 (i.e., MicroFreak)
  5. Sequence a few notes in the clip either directly on the Deluge or via the Keystep
  6. Back in Song view, add a new clip by pressing a pad in a new row
  7. Set the new row to Kit and sequence a kick drum
  8. Save, attempt to add a new clip, or otherwise ask the Deluge to write to the SD card

At this point, the Deluge may save a few times or create new clips prior to showing FAIL or FOLD. At this point, the only resolution is to shut off the Deluge and re-start it.

Things I've tried

  • Three different SD cards using the stock contents: the factory card that shipped with the Deluge, a 200gb Samsung microSD with an adapter (formatted to FAT32), a 400gb Sandisk microSD with an adapter (also formatted to FAT32)
  • Updating to latest firmware

Things I haven't tried yet

  • Disconnecting all the things and reconnecting one at a time, in case it's caused by an external device
  • Replacing the USB hub (only the top three ports seem to work with the Deluge for some reason, so this is my most likely suspect at the moment)
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