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Record and stop (instead of overdub)


Hey so hopefully this makes sense. I'll explain it more in depth, but the TL:DR is that I want to go launch a section of clips right out of recording something live and have the clip I'm recording STOP instead of automatically playing/looping.

So to get specific: Currently working with live looping with the Deluge and overall, it's the best. My current workflow is something like this:

I start with a kit that's a basic drum loop. I create series of loops by creating audio tracks , arming recording, then launching those clips so they overdub.

Once I've got my initial loop set up, I copy any sections I want to carry over (primarily drums) then create a new audio track, switch it's section to purple, and then when I launch the section and record my first loop in the b section, everything else stops! Hooray! I can loop and have things really change to a whole new progression no problem.

I'm then able to similarly create audio tracks in the purple section fairly easily (assuming I want more than 1 overdub here)

Here's where I run into trouble: I would like to go right from recording my last overdub back to my a section and have the loop I'm recording stop, so that I can then later relaunch the section, but not have it continue to play OVER my a section. Currently what happens is that even if it's in the purple section, when I launch the a section (blue group of clips) the last thing that I was recording continues to play as if I want it to loop, really screwing up my ability to cut right back to my initial loop seamlessly.

Am I missing something? If I just do 1 loop, and then use RECORD + CLIP I can make it so the loop stops, and then those loops are forever mutually exclusive, which is great.... except if I can't seem to make this work for groups of loops, which would be handy!

Hope I explained myself clearly enough. Too much coffee, not enough food.


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    thethanxthethanx USAPosts: 9

    Well I'll leave this here in case there's a better solution, but here's what I've been able to figure out as a solution so far:

    When I create a new empty audio clip that I plan on using as a loop, if you copy and paste the empty audio clip BEFORE recording into it (by holding down on a clip and grabbing an empty row) , it effectively makes an empty loop spot on the next section that will then be mutually exclusive with the first copy. I can then make more clips using the usual method for my additional layers on the A section (hold CLIP + push down SELECT) and again, if I want mutually exclusive layers I just have to have the foresight to copy and paste the empty clips before I record onto them.

    ...The other problem with this method is that when I trigger the next section, I need to make sure I've disarmed any extra empty loop tracks I've created for the section or else I'll record to multiple clips.

    So far this is fine... It ends up eating up a ton of screen real estate and I could see it getting confusing fast, so maybe I need to dig more into the bounce down methods folks describe to get my loop sections cleanly onto one clip.

    I also would ideally like to do this using a pedal/hands free, and I'm not sure this particular method will allow for that.

    At this point I'm just trying to document my progress, so if mods want to delete this feel free, but I'd love any extra advice folks have, and maybe this will help others working on live looping more?

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