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Support for external MIDI sustain in 4.0?

CADCAD Auckland, NZPosts: 15
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I was recently disappointed to find out that the Deluge doesn't support sustain pedal input via external MIDI in the usual/typical manner (to control the internal synth engine/multisample presets). After reading some of the work arounds people had come up with on the forum I decided it was not worth trying to implement myself, and to wait and see whether 4.0 provided any improvement in this regard.

I have not signed up the beta as I'm relatively new to the device and didn't want to overwhelm myself. I've had a look through the informal instructions for 4.0 though, and seen there are a heap of changes to MIDI, and a lot of really exciting new features (gonna have to wait for a Ron Deluge Bootcamp video on it to actually take it all in..). With that said I can't really tell if the Deluge's handling of MIDI sustain pedals has been worked on? Is anybody able to provide any insight in to whether this has been fixed?

With so many fixes,improvements and requested features looking to be coming in 4.0, I'm reluctant to raise this gripe, but I thought I'd ask here in the event that it is actually already in the coming update.


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