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MIDI Program Change message in a Clip

martinrussmartinruss Suffolk, United KingdomPosts: 4

Hi, Apologies because this is probably obvious! I'm trying to put a MIDI Program Change message at the start of a MIDI Clip, so that the external MIDI device plays a specific sound. In the MIDI 'SELECT' settings there is a PGM setting that allows the selection of a Program Change, and when you turn the SELECT knob then a MIDI Program Change message is sent. But when you just play that MIDI Clip then the MIDI Program Change that is set in the MIDI 'SELECT' settings is not sent, and so if the external device has been changed to a different sound in the meantime, then it plays the wrong sound. Do I really have to use the MIDI 'SELECT' PGM setting to output a MIDI Program Change message (or set the external device sound manually) every time I want to play the Clip with the correct sound? Is there no way of embedding the Program Change message at the start of the Clip? (I tried recording the MIDI SELECT PGM setting but this didn't seem to do anything...) Thanks for reading! Martin



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    Too_MereToo_Mere Chicago, IL, USABeta Tester, Mentor Posts: 993

    Whatever PGM settings you choose should be sent whenever you launch that MIDI clip. Is there perhaps SUB or BANK settings that need to be set for the particular preset and/or device you are sending to?

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    Radius9999Radius9999 Felton, CABeta Tester Posts: 46

    I've got the same issue. I can set the program with the data knob (to an external synth), it responds by sending the program change to the synth. I can see the programs change. But when I start the clip, it doesn't send the program change. Anybody got a clue about this? What am I missing?

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    Too_MereToo_Mere Chicago, IL, USABeta Tester, Mentor Posts: 993

    So finally just tried this out myself. It seems that the PGM message is only sent when loading the song if there’s only one PGM message programmed.
    If you clone the MIDI clip (so there’s a blue and pink version with same number, for example), then select a different PGM number for each clip, launching each of the clips, or playing notes from within the clip, will send the PGM change message.

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