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Deluge "screen" freeze during playback

KJDexKJDex SloveniaBeta Tester Posts: 2

Hi Lovely people! I've encountered this twice which is why I guess it might be good to post here. For the easier following, I've split the report into 'segments'.

In the rest of the post, I mention a video that I filmed for reference, for now (!) I have it in the Dropbox folder and here is the link to the video. I've also posted to Reddit, the link to that is below.:
Dropbox Link

Intro: I've gotten Deluge in some mid-September, and so far it has (only?) frozen up like this twice. I'm wondering if anyone has any idea as to why this happens and if that's more-or-less normal. I searched Reddit and google for the issue, but it kind of looks like this particular type of freeze isn't very frequent.

The context in the video:
I have Deluge hooked up via L[mono] to a Dude mixer, with 2 POs playing along (not synced, because I have to figure out the wiring, but also not really important). At one point in the video, they're completely silenced for clarity.

The Freeze:
Obviously, I started filming for documentation and asking purposes only after this situation occurred. You can see that in the video, Deluge is still playing back the clips, but the screen isn't following. You can see three bright dots indicating where the screen froze up. I was still able to trigger/stop individual clips during the playback, but only until I stopped the playback. After that, it was able to play them, but only those that were enabled at the end of the previous play. I couldn't trigger additional ones after this. You see that happening in the video.

After turning Deluge off and back on, everything worked just fine, like always. My playing session wasn't very long but definitely wasn't very short. Prior to this, I went through playing a few different songs I have saved but always stopped in between them. In this track you see, I only have as many layers as you see, at the time of freezing it looks like 4 of them are playing (there's no white dot on the chord one, though). They're all Deluge Synth presets (and kits) that come with the pre-installed card. I'm using the SD card I've gotten with Deluge and haven't added content to it yet. The first freeze of this matter that happened relatively quickly after I've gotten Deluge was generally pretty similar in nature - screen froze, clips worked, but only until I stopped play. In both cases, the battery was definitely not low yet, in this filmed instance it was actually right after the charging.

This post is very long so far, describing almost everything I could think of and what I see people ask the posters after they report a freeze. If there's anything else to add, let me know, I'll reply and maybe update this post.

Virtually the same thread on Reddit for more reach:
Reddit Thread


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    KJDexKJDex SloveniaBeta Tester Posts: 2

    Any ideas?

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    DoorDoor GermanyBeta Tester Posts: 6

    I have had similar issues in the past where the device would softlock (the button grid would, however, still update). These have disappeared since the last firmware update though.
    The way I got out of these situations is by repeatedly pressing the load and back buttons. Obviously not sure if this works for you, too, but it might be worth giving it a shot the next time this happens.

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    jensgjensg Berlin, GermanyBeta Tester Posts: 262

    I had problems like this too. It turned out that me using heavy multi sample instruments (like the TAL library from this forum) choked the Deluge more or less frequently.

    But this does not seem the case at you end I guess?

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