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Can Deluge send RUN/CLOCK signals when "play" command is triggered remotely?

daniel_leinaddaniel_leinad MadridBeta Tester Posts: 3

Hi everyone, I’m using my Deluge to secuence modular gear (amazing how easy and powerful this box can do this) but I have an issue…

When I hit “play” on the Deluge, it sends the “run” command as expected BUT if it runs remotely and I send the play command via MIDI (from an Akai Force in my case), the Deluge starts playing but the “run” command isn’t send, and so the modular gear remains stopped.

To be precise, CV is sent, as the own secuencer of the Deluge is running, but neither the Gate 4 (Clock) or Gate 3 (Run) are triggered. I have a Force as center of my setup, and in some cases I would use the Deluge as "eurorack sequencer" as part of it.

Thanks for your ideas!!!

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