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Split feature


A split feature would be immensely useful on the deluge. Obviously it's purpose is to cut riffs at the step you'd press on when doing the split, but as an overall tool it would allow importing of whole midi songs in a useful way to the deluge workflow!

To explain - with a SPLIT command, you could arm several midi tracks at once for record, then slave the deluge from a PC. The PC would then fire out the whole midi song in standard playback, and when done stop the track. Nudge the start if it occurs slightly out of time, trim the end, then SPLIT the midi lines to create the individual tracks for your Chorus, verse, etc. Not sure what button could be used for SPLIT but it would sure be a handy tool with a deeper usage! ;)


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    aquapheraquapher CanadaPosts: 10
    edited November 2017

    The emu command station has that function (one of my favorite hardware midi seq) ... a single track could (if you wanted) have all 16 midi channels playing, or recording... then you could seperate it out however you liked. Of course when everything was packed into a single track, you'd have limited control of it (mutes n such), but it did have its benifits.

    I imagine that would be quite a task to implement - but, I'll give it a +1

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