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Manual Sync Deluge to external audio

lobonivaloboniva BerlinPosts: 2
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Dear fellow Delugionists,

For jamming and mixing I somtimes want to synch the Deluge to an external Track. So how do you synch? With Vinyl you could mix it in, with DJ Software you could use midi synch but what about a an MP3 or tape Playing in the background?

Below is my current method. I would be glad for any hint. I have no background in vinyl DJing so even basic hints are highly appreciated.

Here is how I do thisis:
1. Tap the tempo to the track to synch, remember the synch BPM.
2. If beats aren´t aligned increase the deluge BPM and then lower to the synch BPM again
3. If beats still out of time repeat 2.

best Lobo

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